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After a friend sent me a note saying to clear your house of all the old and non-used items laying around to make room for the abundance of new things to come, I spent the last two days cleaning, sorting and throwing things away that I dont use or rarely use.
It was amazing to see how much crap I actually had and had not used in, I don’t even know how long.
My house feels so much clearer.
The last week has also been about clearing out old habbits, old programing and beliefs that I no longer need or that don’t serve me and which are of a low vibetation that I am ready to get rid of. It has been quote challening, at some points bringing up a lot of old, deep emotions, that ibjave either suppressed or thought I was over. Looks like it was another turn of the spiral and more inner work to free myself even more from the old crap.
Feel much better, a lot of energy has shifted and I am looking fotward to tonight and tomorrow night to clear as much as I can before the 1st Jan. Which so happens to be a new moon as well, quite excited about that. New beginnings on all levels!

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On my way to Satsang, feeling a little anxious as it usually brings up some feelings of unworthyness as I travel there, once inside all those emotions go and I feel I am surrounded by love and acceptance, which is one of the best things about being part of a spiritual community.
In fact, I am so blessed that I have two strong spiritual communitys that I am a part of, along with a great family, both sides of my family and very loving and accepting, which, for me, is rather humouris as life has given me an seemingly duality of family and spiritual communitys that all I can do is look up to the sky and laugh.

I first found the ‘mystery school’ where I learned about the energy body, chakras, physical and non-physical energy and entities, different levels of myself, from etheric, astral, soul and divine and everything in between, this school has a Guru, or if you will, a spiritual teacher who teachers anyone willing, she embodys the divine feminine, Shakti of this world. And as such I look to her as my spiritual mother.
Much like my physical mother. She teachers me and nurtures my growth in this world.

After studying and devoting myself to her and her teachings for roughly two years, I am lead to and discipled by a male Guru.
He’s energy is a lot firmer and teachings more strict, just as loving and nurturing as my physical father, only I see him as my spiritual father.

Both sides of my two family’s love and respect each other, they both teach love is only real and everything that you see is your perception of that love gifted to you.

I am very blessed and grateful for this life.

Om Guru.
Hari on tat sat.
Hari Krishna.
Jai Ma.
Om Narayani.


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Today I woke up feeling fantastic, feels like a very productive day.

The past few weeks the energy has been pretty intense, I’ve been feeling very low and unwilling to express my emotions very well, most of what games up is anger and they say below the anger is the emotion you need to release … Haven’t got there yet.

But that’s ok, no rush, it will come when I am comfortable with who I am.

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My journey

so its been over two years since i last accessed this blog, i cannot begin to tell you how much has changed.

that feeling in my chest that was i talking about in the post (

well it turns out that is my solar plexus, and it is the seat of the ego and driving force for this incarnation. and big changes did happen and are continuing to happen.

let me expand

since last being on here, i have found a spiritual school, been educated in energy healing and the energy body’s of all physical and non-physical forms.

leaned love is all that there is and everything that happens is either a frequency of love or non-love (love at a low vibration or a high vibration), and whatever experience we choose to have it is that driving force of love that takes us to the next lesson.

that lesson may seem bad, or not loving, but from that experience you witnessed what wasn’t love, what you don’t want and can now focus on what you do want, want love you want to experience. 

then you can experience that new perception of love until you find out what you don’t want, and re-create a new experience of love. And so the cycle continues, until you find the real and only love, which is self-love, divine love and everything one and thing around you reflects that love.

i have yet to experience pure bliss of unconditional love on an everyday second basis, but I believe that is why we are here. how can you experience love if you don’t know what non-love feels like? how can you know joy and happiness if you haven’t experienced depression and loneliness? 

Welcome to the duality of the physical, its a balancing act, become and feel greater love, the scales will tilt and you will experience the same vibration of non-love, then you will balance out, once more feeling at peace, then joy will follow, then sadness, or grief, or loneliness, or fear, or anger, or jealously, or any one of the countless low vibrations we experience.

but that is just all it is, an experience, it isn’t a final destination or an absolute it is a place of rest, until you are ready to move forward on to the next experience. 

enjoy the up’s and be thankful for the downs for they show you which way to look.


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do what you started, repeat.

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nervous feelings

every now and then i get these sensations of …nervousness„ its something in the middle of my chest, just below where my rib cage joins, and every time i get this feeling, something drastically changes. i have that feeling again. waiting to see what it is.

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my left hand middle nail is indicating that something is coming. i feel under prepared in the material sense but overly confident in the spiritual sense. i give it a week or two.

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what is new to some people was old to others. are we facing something new in this life time that has happened countless times before?

i have this feeling of… this need to be in touch with the unknown and make it known, if only to myself.  know i have been here, with this feeling before. as the last time it came with a sense of loss. and when i find it, i am apprehensive in continuing, or delving further into the truth.

i enjoy this reality’s perception of the world, and fear loosing what i have temporally acquired in my material life.

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i really enjoy your blog..if thats what you woudcall it...can i ask... how does one believe in so much yet forgive not at all the one person who is the most sorry?
Anonymous asked

it depends on who you are and what you have done. i forgive many, but if it is something consistent and i am constantly forgiving, then how can you truly, be sorry? can i entirely forgive something that continues to happen?

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Time Travel

i am going to bed with an awesome feeling after this, if time travel is possible then everything else i believe in is possible :D